Where it all began

With a conversation! After playing at a extended radio show in London the topic fell onto the difficulties of getting one’s self heard in today’s vast musicscape. A few ideas were touched upon and formulated and out of that came the idea for a Movement Called House, as Josh states ‘I remember when I used go to the independent record shops to buy tunes you would see magazines/fanzines most of them free, that dedicated themselves to the genre they liked and it kinda gave you an idea of who some the movers and shakers were and what was happening generally in the scene plus the culture that surrounded that’
The idea festered for a while and in the summer the first tentative steps were made. So in essence a Movement Called House is a place for those who are making a contribution to this thing we call House can be found or air their voice using the platform to reach other like minded souls.

Josh Grooves

London based Josh Grooves has been involved in music for over 15 years now and has still got the bug!

Josh started out by saving his pocket money to buy records during his early days! Influenced by his Caribbean upbringing Josh started buying Dancehall before moving onto Jungle and later House & Garage. He then dabbled with a little bit of R’n’B/Hip Hop, before finally coming back to House, playing and promoting in various bars & clubs around London during this period as well hosting shows on a couple of pirate radio stations.

Now embarking on a fresh new chapter, Josh’s mantra is simple, just keep on progressing.

Discover my music, my inspirations

Josh studied Music Technology, graduating in 2008 and then put his passion for Deep and Soulful House into fruition as the founder of Fused Records.

One half of the duo Solution Soul you may have heard some of Josh’s joint production with releases on Makin Moves (Breakdown), as well as subsequent releases on the Fused imprint. Josh has remixed for Fomp, We Go Deep, Mo Black, Lady-Mary Sound to name a few.

Now flying solo Josh’s aims are to focus on a more varied production style.

« I hope that this site can help to create an affinity between those who are searching and those who are creating and supporting the music we love »
– Josh Grooves